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As a new feature to our site we will, from time to time present tools, checklists, resources for you to review and use as you see fit.  This checklist is contributed by Walt Mintkeski who offers this as an open source tool.  Walt would appreciate any comments or suggestions.  His contact information is below.




O&M Energy Efficiency Checklist for Wastewater Treatment Plants


The purpose of this list is to help identify no cost or low cost electricity savings through operation and maintenance practices at wastewater treatment plants.  The list is organized by System (blower aeration, mechanical aeration, mixing, pumping, etc) in approximate order from highest to lowest energy use.  Therefore, start at the top of the list and work down.  Because some measures are common to multiple systems, they are repeated, so that each system has a complete list.  Please review “Other Measures” on last page, which lists important ideas applicable to the entire plant.

 Please distribute this open source document to anyone who might be interested, and please provide comments, suggestions, and new ideas to Walt Mintkeski, P.E., at, 503-771-0232, in Portland, Oregon.

In working with larger spreadsheets and lots of data - like we usually encounter working with a water or wastewater utility that has been in service for a while, extracting meaningful information can be a challange.  We have found and like the Sigma XL product and include a link to thier demo page for those of you interested in an inexpensive but robust Excel Add-in for data analysis.

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