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Water Treatment Services

Where we’ve been:
Maltese and Associates (specializing in wastewater consultant services) have experience helping clients understand and resolve concerns in the following areas:
wastewater consultant

Process Improvement Project:  improve maintenance scheduling for water system infrastructure

Summary of Experience:


Process Improvement - over 24 water. wastewater and public utility projects brought into compliance and/or reduced costs.


Change Management - transitioned over 12 projects to new management with minimal disruption and personnel concerns.


Implementation of EPA's Effective Utility Management (EUM) tool as defined in the link below in both water and wastewater utilities.


Financial Model - projects from $10,000 to > $10,000,000 per year with terms from 5 years to 20 years exploring multiple "what if" scenarios for budget control and financial planning

Computerized Maintenance Management System evaluations, with > 12 products already analyzed and cost benefit analysis performed - link to Hiperweb CMMS below.

Project Management - over 50 projects of various sizes, types and terms successfully completed

Co-authored winning Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award - see link below

Curriculum Development - multiple Math and Engineering models for grades 5 - 12 in Connecticut and Massachusetts


We use rigorous application of math and science to extract relevant information from the considerable data found in most government and many private organizations.  By reviewing the goals and objectives of the organization we develop key performance indicators to track.  They become the path to recovery and a sustainable process to keep the organization on track.  

Process Improvement
Management Consulting


Numbers don't always tell the story.  Maltese and Associates listens to the stake holders.  We explore every available source of information and develop a fact matrix to weigh information against its potential applicability to the organization's performance.  This effort fills in the gaps - the "soft spots" - that the data cannot display.


While we use the information provided by the client, we don't stop there.  We research the business, trade, operation, discipline or other event discriptor through the internet and other source research.  When we cannot find an industry benchmark we use this reseacrh to emulate one.  This allows us to compare real world examples of similar business attributes to the client as a guide to realistic and reasonable expectations for improvement.


Management Consulting
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