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Making it work: Asset Management, Business Process Improvement, Capital Planning, Change Management, Community Outreach. Environmental Compliance Support, Financial Planning, Management Control and Reporting System Efficiency, Performance Improvement, Sustainable System Implementation, Quality Systems, Water and Wastewater Facility Capability Studies.

Water Treatment Consultant Services

​​Water and Wastewater Process Improvement, Financial Planning, Asset Management, Capital Projections, Infrastructure Evaluation, Maintenance Management Systems with focus on Hiperweb, Budget Controls

Maltese and Associates is pleased to announce our newest Associate and Partner Paul Doran, PE. at

We have also recently added associates that round out our profile to allow us to offer Value Engineering Workshop Development and Management​

Please remember to visit our Long Term Associates EMA, Water Industry and HiperWeb

wastewater consulting
Management Consulting


Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities.

We work on strategy, efficiency and technology looking for solutions across all industries and government agencies. We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our fun approach to work. We love what we do and we love bringing our success to our clients via water treatment consultant services.

If you have a strategic plan are your tactics aligned with the plan?  Does your staff understand their roles and responsibilities?  Is the plan working?

We can help you answer those questions, adjust (or create) the plan, develop tactics to implement the plan and deploy the roles and responsibilities to your staff.

The processes and systems we help develop for your operation are intended to be understood and used by your employees. They are designed to be continuously adjusted and tweaked by you and your staff to provide you with sustainable growth and improvement.



 Maltese and Associates is a different type of consulting service.  We leverage our resources on your behalf.


You sense something isn't working just right.  Your costs are higher than you planned, you are exceeding your budget, your production is down, complaints are up - you know what the symptoms are in your work environment. 

Maltese and Associates can use our skills and experience to perfom a complete systems analysis, starting with a definition of your management control and reporting systems.  Using standard and industry acceptible tools we provide you with a root cause analysis and work with you and your team to develop a corrective action plan.

We leave you with the tools to continue your improvement processes with your internal resources as you see fit.

Our solutions are innovative and brave, while at the same time being based on industry knowledge and key business strategies. There is always a solution.

Utility Management



We at Maltese and Associates are expert analysts,

helping our clients with their most complex business or regulatory challenges and building tailored solutions to help them achieve sustained excellence.

We begin by helping our clients choose where to focus in order to get the most effective boost to their business. We aim to find the quickest route to success.

While our goal is to provide our clients with the tools, systems and processes to continuously improve, Maltese and Associates is not a "hit and run" organization.  Our service includes routine follow up and continuing access to updates or refresher activities when you feel it may be appropriate and valuable to your institution.

We intend to be your source for continuous improvement without being in the way of your success.


“Ken Maltese knows how to cut through the noise surrounding an issue to get to the most efficient and reasonable solution in the most efficient manner and most reasonable time.”

Confidential Client - Infrastructure Finance Projects

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