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Maltese & Associates is Proud to Add Our Support to the Following Water Resource Nonprofit Organizations Bringing Clean, Safe Water to People All Over The World.


We often take our richness of resources for granted.  Even in parts of the country suffering severe drought conditions we are able to provide clean and safe drinking water to our population.  This is not the case in much of the world and these organizations expend time and resources bringing water resources and "low tech" solutions to parts of the world where disease and death from water shortage or water borne diseases is all too common.  Please visit thier sites and help in any way you can.  Thank you.

Wine To Water

Wine to Water is a MOVEMENT dedicated to providing clean water and sanitation to people in need around the world.

Water For People

Our goal is simple: complete water coverage for every family, every school, and every clinic. We’re bringing everyone together to make a difference.

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